ISO 9001 Certified

Complete Solutions

The Tubar Eureka Industrial Group specializes in creating custom fabricated Material Handling Solutions to meet the constantly changing needs of the manufacturing industries. Whether you need a Dumper, Bulk Bag Unloader or Filling Station, Conveying Systems, Strapping Stations, Plastic Wrapping Stations or any combination, Tubar Eureka is a one stop shop to meet all your needs. In addition to our material handling products we can also provide laser, machining and forming needs.

With a combined 184 years in business, we have the experience, the expertise and have been providing “Solutions” by designing and fabricating custom material handling equipment that meets and exceeds our customers expectations. With Tubar Eureka being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we can provide complete solutions at competitive pricing.

We have the capabilities to handle capacities as light as 50 pounds to as heavy at 12,000 pounds and can move or dump material up to 40 feet high. With our dumper line, you can dump at any angle above horizontal including a complete 180-degree inversion. Our units can also be designed to be Portable, Stationary or Hydraulic Power Driven.

It doesn’t matter if you need a stand-alone or a complete solution for your entire process, the staff here at Tubar Eureka Industrial Group are here to help you. We can aid with conceptual design, prototyping and engineering all the way through fabrication and installation along with customer support and technical assistance.

Give the Tubar Eureka Industrial Group a call at 800-852-2411 and speak with one of our dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable associates to get your next project moving forward!