ISO 9001 Certified

Our History

With the humble beginning as a blacksmith shop in 1898, Eureka Machine Shop quickly gained a reputation for their quality, ingenuity and their attention to detail. In 1924 to meet the rising demand for their services, a new modernized steam operated facility was built. To continue serving their customers while building the new facility, it was to be built over and around the existing old wood machine shop. Once the new structure was completed, the old wood structure was torn down and removed through the front door of the shop.

Kenneth L Cook started Uhrden, Inc. in August 1952 in a two-car garage in Dennison Ohio with a dream of becoming the best material handling equipment manufacturer in the industry with the uppermost levels of quality manufacturing and customer service.

Designing and selling hydraulic shop cranes and hand trucks that were made of “tubing” and “bar” stock and from the Tube and Bar came Tubar ®.

In 1955 while attending a Material handling equipment expo in Chicago, Kenneth was asked if he could design a piece of hydraulic equipment for one of the big three auto companies, to dump parts onto a sorting table from a 55-gallon drum. That would turn out to be Tubar Dumper order NO.1, and the T.D. style dumper was born. From this first dumper, Uhrden/Tubar expanded into several types of material handling equipment for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and industries as well as the U.S. postal and military service.

In July of 1964, Uhrden/Tubar moved to its new 100,000 sq./ft. location in Sugarcreek, Ohio and has continued to grow and expand over the years to become the international company it is today, an industry leader in dumpers and material handling equipment.

In 2012 Tubar merged with The Eureka Machine Company and the name Uhrden was dropped to create The Tubar Eureka Industrial Group.

On May 6, 2014, The Tubar Eureka Industrial group receives its certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2008.