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Why Custom?

Tubar Eureka builds high-end, custom equipment and highly specialized mechanical solutions for manufacturing processes. Our equipment and machines are American made and built to last. Unlike ready-made equipment manufacturers, Tubar Eureka provides long term solutions that will perform at top capacity for years to come. This means you get a long-term return on your investment, a more efficient manufacturing process, and excellent equipment that does far more than stock ever could.

Custom Equipment Manufacturer

Our Specialties

Why Tubar?

For over 180 years, the Tubar Industrial Group has been providing custom material handling solutions to customers with exacting standards and unique applications. Tubar has the expertise and knowledge to custom engineer dumpers, bulk bag systems, conveyors and related equipment to fit the most demanding of environments and hard to fit situations. Tubar’s expertise in designing and building highly reliable and long-lived equipment is demonstrated by the multitude of Tubar equipment still in service today after decades of service in high stress environments. We are also proud to be Quality ISO 9001 Certified.

As an original equipment manufacturer, Tubar can provide both genuine replacement parts for existing Tubar equipment and custom parts for other equipment.

For high demand and hard to fit situations, Tubar is your source for custom material handling equipment.

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Custom Equipment Manufacturer
Custom Equipment Manufacturer
Custom Equipment Manufacturer

Our Mission and History

The Tubar Eureka Industrial Group provides the highest quality products and service by continuing our commitment to the improvement of our quality program while meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We are dedicated to improving and expanding our product lines through technological innovation, creativity, product development, and strong relationships with our distributors.

Eureka Machine Shop opened in 1898 as a humble blacksmith shop and quickly gained a reputation for their quality, ingenuity and attention to detail. In 1952, soon-to-be leading material handling equipment manufacturer Uhrden/Tubar began inside a two-car garage. It was in 2012 that these two operations joined their rich history and expertise together to create the Tubar Eureka of today.

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