Machine & Laser Parts Fabrication

Machine and Laser Parts Fabrication

Manufacturing your custom needs since 1898!

Tubar Eureka Industrial Group, an ISO 9001 Certified Supplier, is a one stop shop that can quote, design, prototype, fabricate, assemble, weld, paint, and ship your product or part.

Tubar Eureka is a full-service contract manufacturer with primary focus on fabricating metal and plastic materials utilizing our CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Press Brake and CNC Machining processes. Our complete in-house engineering staff can take your part from concept, to prototype, and into production. Whether it is regarding a single prototype part, or a large production run, our skilled associates take pride in their work, ensuring the highest level of standards are met. Let us put our dedicated staff to work for you on your problem-solving opportunities. You will find our combination of service, flexibility, and quality unrivaled in the fabrication industry.

Machine/Laser Cutting

Machine/Laser Cutting


  • 4,000 Watt Laser
  • Cuts Carbon Steel up to 1”
  • Stainless Steel up to .500”
  • Aluminum up to .375”
  • Reliable Laser Beam for Superior Edge Quality

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Machine and Laser Parts Fabrication

CNC Machining


  • Talon 210 CNC Turning Center’s w/
  • Acramatic 850 2x Controls
  • Max OD = 10 ½”
  • Max Length = 24”
  • Milltronics RH20 – Three Axis Milling Center’s
  • Y = 20”
  • X = 40”
  • Z = 21”

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Machine/Laser Cutting

Press Brake


  • Cincinnati 175 Ton Capacity
  • Precision CNC
  • Ram Repeatability +/- 0.0004”
  • Max Length at 144”
  • Touchscreen HMI Control
  • ANSI B11.3 Compliant

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As an original equipment manufacturer, Tubar can provide both genuine replacement parts for existing Tubar equipment and custom parts for other equipment.

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